Section I09N to the eastern Indian Ocean

Section P18 to the eastern Pacific Ocean

R/V Ronald Brown at the stop at Easter Island during P18


Section I07N to the western Indian Ocean

AMT28 to the central Atlantic Ocean

Alyse Larkin and Jenna Lee at the equator crossing during AMT28


Modified section A13.5 from Cape Town, South Africa to Norfolk, Virginia (we now call it C13.5 since the route was modified due to COVID).


Section P02 across the North Pacific Ocean along 30˚N

Arctic Ocean section from Dutch Harbor, AK to the North Pole

Adam Fagan at the North Pole


Section A16N in the central Atlantic Ocean. The cruise went from Recife, Brazil to Reykjavik, Iceland. Star Dressler, Tyler Christian, and Rachel Cohn represented the Bio-GO-SHIP team.

Section I05 to the South Indian Ocean (Freemantle, AU to Cape Town, SA)

Nataly Pineda, Adam Fagan and Yi Liu during mobilization in Freemantle,AU


Section A13.5 to eastern South Atlantic Ocean (Cape Verde to South Africa)

Section I08S to the South Indian Ocean and IO sector of the Southern Ocean